Client Testimonials

What our Clients say

  • Thank you so much for this – it is more than ideal and perfect for what I need. I have been let down twice for these shots so it’s great to actually have them and have them so beautifully done. I am in Bath in the UK so have been at the whim of some right idiots up until you genius’s appeared!

    — Rachel L., Documentary Filmmaker —
  • You better get your thesaurus out when you work with Ideaship, because I found myself repeatedly saying ‘thank you’ at every phase.

    — Vicki L., BOK Financial —
  • Lara, our brand rep at, e-mailed me and told me that our video was their favorite out of all the other brands. That’s all thanks to Ideaship!

    — Andrew O., Rustix —
  • More than motivated self-starters, they’ve quite often already looked into or started to develop the very next thing, before we’ve even asked for it.

    — J.B., OnAirstreaming —
  • We received the video and are very impressed with your work. We are extremely pleased with the finished product.

    — Sonia M., Usborne Books —
  • Thanks for your due diligence. You’re a pro.

    — Pat H., Sweetwood Productions —
  • You are hands down the only people I can depend on… and I mean that. You always get your s**t done, efficiently, on-time, and it’s fantastic.

    — Paul B., Ferris —
  • Thanks again for turning around the recordings so quickly. They sound fantastic!

    — Rick A., Genesis Employee Benefits —
  • Thanks for all your work on helping Stella and Viv Magazine. I just saw the video on their site, amazing.

    — Bryant R., Lightbox Studio —
  • So, excuse my language when I say this, but that was F***ING AWESOME! I am excited about the tool this will be for our business.

    — Eric M., Marshall Brewing Co. —
  • This looks amazing! Thanks so much for all you do.

    — Ann R., BOK Financial —
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